17 Space-Saving Designs For Small Bedrooms

Small living spaces can sometimes feel rather claustrophobic. But that doesn’t have to be the case! With strategic styling, and creative organization your small space will feel like your small piece of heaven on earth! Here are some great trips to making that happen

#1 Use Built-Ins

Built-in bookshelves give you extra storage space without having a chunky piece of furniture protruding into the room.


#2 Skip

Rather than wasting limited inches on mounting a headboard, turn your wall into a headboard, like with a DIY wood statement wallThe Headboard



#3  Get A Daybed

If you live in a studio, or just want to save even more space in a small bedroom, use a cozy daybed that can double as a couch during the day.


#4 Place Your Bed Against The Window


#4 Place Your Bed Against The Window

#7 Fake Bookshelves
In a small bedroom, wall space is precious and should not be wasted. Plus, the window and curtains create a focal point that lets you skip the headboard, creating a sunnier, airier room




#5 Customize Your Headboard

This curvy headboard has built-in nightstands, and a hanging pendant eliminates the need for a table lamp, so there’s more room for books.



#6 Go Bold

Bright and bold colors make a small bedroom have more of an impact.





#7 Fake Bookshelves

Genuine Fake Books wallpaper creates the illusion of more space than you actually have room for.

#8 Curtain Off A Bunk

Hide built-in drawers underneath a bed and frame off with curtains for extra storage space that isn’t obtrusive.




#9 Rethink Your Desk

corner desk can double as a nightstand if you’re lacking in space.




#10 Mount Lighting

Sconces take up less space than table lamps, and eliminate the need for nightstands.




#11  Add Mirrors

Closet mirrors make a small bedroom feel larger than it actually is.


#12  Hang Your Headboard

This headboard is actually hung on the wall to save space.




#13  Stash Stuff Under The Bed.

This bed has drawers underneath for more storage when you’re lacking closet space


#14  Amp Up The Coziness

Dark walls and a velvet headboard up the cozy factor of a small bedroom.



#15  Create A Jewel Box

Cover your walls in beautiful wallpaper to create a jewel-box effect.


#16  Repeat Pattern

Covering the walls, headboard, and bed skirt in the same fabric is an easy trick to make a small room feel cohesive.



#17  Choose Space-Saving Furniture

Nesting tables are your best friend in a tight space.








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