20 Creative and Affordable Bathroom Organizers

Here at the Blackwell Group, we want to help you make your house into your dream home. Since we the bathroom is a room that is constantly used, we thought we would share some great tips on how to make use of the space you have in yours! Here are 20 creative, easy and most importantly affordable!

#1 Relocate Hand Towels

Don’t take up valuable towel bar space with hand towels. Instead, keep them right where you need them with this colorful add-on bar that’s sized just for bathroom cabinets




#2 Get A Caddy

Though this silicone organzier was originally designed as a holster for hair dryers, it can also be positioned around the edge of a tub to hold everything you need for an at-home spa night.




 #3 Add A Swing-Out Towel Rack

This wall-mounted rack can be adjusted to a variety of positions, allowing you to spread towels out for quicker drying, or to store four towels in the “footprint” of one (when collapsed)




#4 Expand Cabinet Space

The Back of your medicine cabinet has plenty of real estate for adding storage. These magnet-backed acrylic cubbies helpfully hold small items like your manicure must-haves





#5 Give Elect

ric Toiletries A Boost

This tiny shelf sits above any outlet, providing a handy spot to keep (and charge) electric razors or toothbrushes while freeing up counter space.




#6 Assign Family Bins

These versatile units slide right into a cabinet perfectly. Label a shelf for each person, and minimize the usual morning jumble.




#7 Hang Towels On Your Door

No room for a stand? Set up a drying station without drilling holes in the wall. This tiered rack fits right on top of the door.




#8 Get A Toothbrush Holder

Here’s another vertical storage win. Thanks to a nifty suction cup, this colorful caddy sticks next to the sink. Internal dividers keep his and hers separate too.




#9 Hide Clutter Behind The Curtain

If extra shampoo bottles keep falling out of the caddy (and onto you), add more shower storage with a hanging pocket organizer. The mesh dries out fast, and mounts easily on hooks



#10 Use A Lazy Susan

Nothing’s worse than having to hunt down your cleaning supplies when you’re already in a rush to clean up before guests arrive. Use a Lazy Susan to make every product feel like it’s front and centre



#11 Add Plastic Baskets

Use these cheap-but-handy baskets to organize your drawers so everything from your morning routine has a home: Cleaners, moisturizers and makeup




#12 Try A Shower Organizer

Who says these caddies are only good for the shower? Stash your most-frequently-used sprays on one inside of your cabinet door so you can keep them off your counter but nearby during your rushed mornings.




#13 Create Open Shelving

If you have five minutes, you can finish this DIY project that transforms a wicker into a stylish shelf. Even better: Add another so you can separate your body and hand towels.




#14 File Away Hot Tools

All it takes are a couple of command hooks to create a station on the side of your sink out of a wire container. Suddenly, your blow dryer, curling iron, and straightener won’t feel like they take up your entire vanity.



#15 Contain Cups

Use velcro to attach plastic cups onto the inside of a cabinet door so your little ones always know where to find their toothbrushes before bed—and even better: where to put them back



#16 Hang A Shoe Organizer

Anyone with an extensive brush collection needs to toss their sneakers from their shoe organizer and use it for their hair tools instead.




#17 Add Another Rod

To make more storage in your shower, add a second rod near the wall to hang loofas and bins from with the help of S-hooks.




#18 Mount Rustic Crates

When hung from the wall, wooden crates become stylish open shelving. Keep them their natural color for a rustic touch, or paint them a bright hue to match your bathroom decor instead.



#19 Use A Spice Rack

The same organizers you use to hold spices is the perfect size for the equally small bottles in your adorable nail polish collection.



#20 Store By The Cord

Talk about a genius solution: If you wrap the cord of your hair tools to create a loop at the end, you can hang them from a command hook and create bonus storage space under your sink.





Original content by Lauren Smith @ House Beautiful

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