March 2015

5 Basic Steps to Ease the Stress of Buying a Home

  Thinking about buying your first home? Whether you are buying your first home or fifth, the process of buying a home can be emotional and time-consuming. Feeling that, in the end, you’ve made the right decision at the right price can make all the difference. As with most major decisions, the amount of work and research you undertake before you start shopping can have a dramatic effect on how...

How to choose the right neighbourhood for you

How to choose the right neighbourhood for you Choosing your next home is about more than finding a house you love. In order to be truly happy in your new place, you need to be located in the right neighbourhood. Otherwise, no matter how much you love your house at first, if there are things about the neighbourhood that really get on your nerves, that happy feeling will fade and you’ll start to resent...

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