November 2021

House Hunting – Should I Hire My Own Agent?

House-Hunting Should I Hire My Own Agent? Buying a house is one of the most significant investments you will make during your lifetime. Whether house shopping or preparing for your mortgage, a buyer’s agent will ensure you get the best deal possible and that your interests are protected throughout the process. There are a plethora of reasons that house-hunters should utilize a buyer’s agent to guard...

financing your first home

How to Finance Your Home Purchase

How to Finance Your Home Purchase Although covid and the booming home market have added challenges to purchasing a house this year, it is still a goal many families are striving for. This major financial investment is not to be taken lightly, but when you know you are ready, there is still a lot to consider. Just like choosing your new home, there isn’t one right way to finance your home purchase. Read...

buying a home with a friend

Buying a Home with a Friend

The boom in the housing market and the changes in rules around purchasing a home have created a situation where it may be more difficult for some potential home buyers to buy their first home. It’s no surprise then that some buyers are looking for more creative ways to make their first purchase or move into something more desirable, including co-ownership. The drawback is that without appropriate...

What first time home buyers should know about insurance

What First Time Home Buyers Need to Know About Insurance

As a first time home buyer, there is a steep learning curve of new components to consider including finding a trusted realtor, mortgage pre-approval, and connecting with a real estate lawyer. One of the most important new fields you will have to navigate is homeowners’ insurance. Home insurance protects your investment in the face of the unexpected such as a flood. Here is an outline of what you need to...

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