December 2021

Rising construction costs

Are Rising Construction Costs Taking a Toll on Home Builders and Buyers?

Just as the pandemic has impacted businesses and lifestyles across the country, it has also impacted the rebuilding of those lifestyles as we trade cities for rural living and look for houses that we can happily quarantine in. One of the more popular options for finding your dream home…is to build it, or to look at a pre-construction option in the area of your choice. Read ahead to learn about how...

When is the Right Time to Purchase Real Estate?

As with anything, supply and demand play a large role in getting the best deal on your home. Finding the balance between having a variety of options, but decreased competition is a key goal. This is one of the main benefits of working with an agent. Their understanding of the local market can buffer some of the unknowns and help you find the best house at the right time. Read ahead to learn more about how...

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