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Fresh Vegetables, Chicken & Eggs All In Your Own Backyard!

Fresh Ayr Farm is a small farm run by Ben and Kate Constable in Ayr, Ontario. Their mission is to raise vegetables and animals as naturally, respectfully and compassionately as possible and to bring great tastes to your table. Can you imagine getting your vegetables fresh from a farm every week? That's the service Ben and Kate Constable provide our amazing community!   Ben And Kate...

5 Home Design Ideas That Make Back to School Easier

Before the new school year begins, take stock of how your home design supports a back-to-school schedule switch-up. Between keeping track of team uniforms, packed lunches and homework assignments, your home has to work hard to get back into the school zone — and each room has an important job to do. Here’s how to make sure they’re all doing what they can to make back to school that much easier....

5 Basic Steps to Ease the Stress of Buying a Home

  Thinking about buying your first home? Whether you are buying your first home or fifth, the process of buying a home can be emotional and time-consuming. Feeling that, in the end, you’ve made the right decision at the right price can make all the difference. As with most major decisions, the amount of work and research you undertake before you start shopping can have a dramatic effect on how...

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