Fresh Vegetables, Chicken & Eggs All In Your Own Backyard!

Fresh Ayr Farm is a small farm run by Ben and Kate Constable in Ayr, Ontario. Their mission is to raise vegetables and animals as naturally, respectfully and compassionately as possible and to bring great tastes to your table.

Can you imagine getting your vegetables fresh from a farm every week? That’s the service Ben and Kate Constable provide our amazing community!


Ben And Kate Constable

Ben and Kate Constable have been living at Fresh Ayr Farm since 2016. They started out with a few chickens, And a rescue dog named Nessa, and a dream of growing food as compassionately as possible.

Now they have expanded to many more chickens, another dog (Peigi), a flock of sheep, and a big field of vegetables! They are happy to have visitors so if you would like to come and say hello, you can send them an email at freshayrfarm@outlook.com or call them at 519-998-1909!


Community Supported Agriculture Program

If you watched the above video, you would have heard about their Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA Program) that they provide from June to October.

You can read in detail about the program on their website at https://freshayrfarm.wordpress.com/csa/ but in short, the program is a vegetable box program consisting of 20 weekly boxes of mixed seasonal vegetables with some added herbs. 

If any of the above interests you, be sure to check out Ben and Kate at https://freshayrfarm.wordpress.com/

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