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home improvements that help gain the most for your home

Home Improvements that Help Gain the Most for your House – Part 1

As we approach warmer weather, many homeowners start to think about their summer improvement projects to spruce up their homes. Sometimes these are built around winter repairs and seasonal needs, but some projects are meant to prepare for sale or refinancing. Enhancement projects can take on a large scale and require investment, which we will discuss in our next blog. Today, we are tackling home...

How to choose a realtor part 2

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent: Part 2

 What skills should you look for in a Realtor?  In our last article, we shared out top tips for how to choose a real estate agent that would meet your needs. In this article we will cover what skills you should be looking for in your realtor. These skills make them more effective at their jobs and therefore should make the process simpler for you, in addition to achieving your goals based on preference...

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent: Part 1

Tips on How to Choose a Realtor  Buying a home is such an exciting time. You combine hopes and dreams with the thrill of house hunting, and the practicality of budgets and markets. The whole journey can be significantly impacted by your choice of a real estate agent who is there to help you negotiate each step to your maximum benefit. Choosing a real estate agent might seem easy, but your decision will...

House Hunting – Should I Hire My Own Agent?

House-Hunting Should I Hire My Own Agent? Buying a house is one of the most significant investments you will make during your lifetime. Whether house shopping or preparing for your mortgage, a buyer’s agent will ensure you get the best deal possible and that your interests are protected throughout the process. There are a plethora of reasons that house-hunters should utilize a buyer’s agent to guard...

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